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Brooke of London
Date: Monday 22 August 2005
Time Spent: 2 hours
Place: Outcall to my hotel
Price: £300
Description: Friendly, sophisticated, bi-sexual 19-year old girl.
Shoulder-length brunette hair, perfect pert breasts, tanned body.
New to escorting.


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Note : To contact Brooke use the mobile phone number listed on the members page or e-mail her directly. Send e-mails to [email protected] or CLICK HERE to automatically open your e-mail program. Brooke is listed on Adultwork but she does not see the e-mails sent to that site, so you have to make a booking in order for her to respond and even then she may not get the message.

Sometimes with punting it can be difficult to arrange a meeting with a particular escort - your plans change and you have to cancel, something happens in her life and she has to reschedule, etc. I had been trying to see Brooke for the past two months, and all our previous appointments had to be postponed due to various events beyond our control. She does have a full-time day job, thus is only escorting part-time in some evenings and weekends, which is one reason it can be hard to get a date with her. So as I set off for London on a Monday afternoon it was with some trepidation. Would things go wrong again this time? Was I going to be spending the night alone in my hotel room rather than indulging in the pleasures of the flesh with an attractive young companion? Luckily for me, everything went smoothly this time and Brooke arrived at my hotel room bang on time. Wow, was she worth the wait! Brooke is a lovely 19-year old, new to the business, but very keen to give clients a good time and very much into the girlfriend experience (GFE).

After chatting to Brooke on the sofa for a while, I suggested we move over to the bed. As we moved over, I was intrigued by Brooke's kinky high sandals, which laced all the way up her calves. They were really sexy, and showed off her lovely tanned legs to good effect. Our session started off gradually with us sitting on the edge of the bed stroking and caressing each other. Soon we were softly kissing. I had been admiring Brooke's lovely smooth boob cleavage peeking out of her sequined top and now I got a chance to feel it for myself while she fondled my crotch. Brooke undid my belt, pulled it from my trousers and threw it to the floor; then she undid my shirt. As that came off Brooke lent over and started paying attention to one of my nipples - kissing and licking it. I lay back and enjoyed the sensation letting her do her thing. She continued to kiss my upper body and feel my groin, where my cock was already well hard. We kissed some more before I sat back up and started paying attention to Brooke's shapely tits. Her top came off over her head and I commented on how nice her bra was. Brooke said it had matching panties and stood up to take her skirt off as well. She did this slowly, wiggling her magnificent arse my way.

When she came back over to the bed she straddled me, gently pushing me back to lie on the bed and kissed my upper body again. Starting to undo my trousers she noticed my prick was nice and stiff. As I took my things off I told Brooke to go lie down in the middle of the bed. Just in my pants now I came over to join her and felt the shape of her tits through her bra. I kissed her olive skin, moving down her smooth torso. When I got to her knickers I pulled them aside to reveal a neat pussy with a dark Brazilian just above. I bent down to lick Brooke out; she tasted good. I moved back up her body and lifted her right boob out of the bra. Her breast was a lovely shape and the nipple so inviting, so I sucked and licked it happily. Together we unleashed the other tit and that nipple got some wet attention too; then Brooke knelt up and said it was my turn. I suggested we take her bra off first, and as I helped her with this I still couldn't keep my eyes and hands off her tits - they really are such a great shape! So I continued with my bap worship for a while longer before eventually lying back down again.

Brooke took my pants off and kissed my body some more. She grabbed my erect cock and gave me a steady hand job, holding it between her tits. It looked so good there. She kept kissing my body and once even my dick which made it jump to attention. Then she reached for a condom from the bedside table and I helped her put it on. Once bagged Brooke quickly popped my old fella in her mouth, gently sucking the head and using her hand on the shaft. I was already well aroused by this hot 19 year old, so I had to concentrate on not shooting my load, despite being covered. Brooke started increasing the tempo, giving some really good head. She looked me straight in the eyes as her sweet mouth engulfed my cock - I had to look away! Realising I was close to the edge Brooke instead rubbed the shaft of my cock up and down her lips and took to licking it. This helped and the moment passed. Brooke returned to more sucking and also using her hand. I reached across to play with her pussy. I asked Brooke if she wanted to fuck and she readily agreed.

We decided to start off in missionary position. Brooke got herself comfortable and applied some lube. This helped me penetrate her tight pussy. It felt so good being inside her. I leant back so I could watch my cock entering her. I began fucking her gently at first, but soon I upped the speed. By now I noticed my cock was nicely covered in lady-cream from Brooke's pussy. After a while I asked her to play with her clit as well; I also stroked her left breast to help give her multiple sensations. I told Brooke to imagine there was another girl here; being very bi-sexual she loved this! We enjoyed fucking in this position for a good while. Then I asked Brooke to put her heeled sandals up round my neck, allowing me to poke her more deeply.
After a bit Brooke suggested I take a rest and she go on top cowgirl. I gratefully accepted, so we swapped places. Brooke applied more lube and I got her to wank my cock a little so it was ready to go back inside. Brooke lowered herself down on to me and started sliding up and down. At first she lent backwards so she could more easily see my dick disappearing up her slit. Later she lent towards me so I could play with her glorious titties some more. We humped more slowly now, but soon Brooke was leaning back again and wriggling her hips energetically on top of me. It felt so good! Finally Brooke bent towards me again and I increased the tempo of the thrusting from below. By now I started to tire, so I recommended we take a rest. She agreed it would be good to have a break.

While I recovered my energy I asked Brooke if she would mind giving me a toy show. "Sure" she said. She grabbed her dong-shaped vibrator and some lube and I helped her prop herself up on the bed. First she gave the toy some oral, then applied some lubricant and gently eased it into her pussy. I felt her tits again while I watched. At first Brooke had been sliding the dildo in and out of her pussy and rubbing it outside along her gash. But now she turned the toy on to vibrate and pay more close attention to her clitoris. As I continued to suck her nipples this seemed to get her wet again. Brooke kept playing with the vibe and also reached over and caressed my prick which was still in the condom. Soon I was rock hard again, so I let her know I was ready for some more action.

I wanted to fuck in spoons, but we ended up in a slightly different position with Brooke lying flat on her back, but that didn't bother me. In fact because she was still able to see me, it allowed easier access to her tits. This position was actually much more relaxing for both of us and we pumped away like this for ages enjoying each other's bodies. Brooke frigged her clit too and she seemed to be really getting off on this telling me it was good.

All this good fucking took its toll and I was getting too tired, so I asked Brooke if it was OK to finish by cumming over her boobs. That was fine with her. She sat at the top of the bed and I knelt beside her. Brooke took off my rubber and started to give me a hand job. She had to work it quite a bit to get the spunk out of me so by the time I finally came she was using her left hand, so the cum missed her tits altogether and landed below them. However, the white spunk showed up nicely on her suntanned skin, and I wasn't complaining; after all, I'd just had a fun time porking a new 19-year old escort. Fantastic!