Toni of London
Date: Tuesday 12 September 2006 || Time Spent: 1 hour || Place: Outcall to hotel || Price: £300
Description: 25 year old with massive 36G tits. Long black hair, pretty face, and friendly personality.

When a London agency asked if some of their escorts could be featured on the site, Alex enquired if they had any English ladies with big tits. The agency said they had the perfect match for him, so the arrangements were made. Often agencies will tell you anything to get a booking, but Alex was astonished when Toni showed up with her 36G tits. As he gave her a drink and they sat talking on the sofa he was even more surprised to find out she was the porn star Hannah Callow. It was a real "back of the net" moment!

Things kicked off when Alex told Toni he could not wait to get his hands on her great boobs. "Well what are you waiting for" she replied. As he felt them he kissed her. Soon he had the left knocker out and began licking and sucking the nipple. Alex said he would love to get his dick between them. Ever obliging Toni replied "Why don't you then". She felt his crotch and helped him undo his trousers. Once his cock was free she popped it into her mouth for some OWO. As she sucked and wanked his knob Alex continued fondling her massive jugs. He just couldn't get enough of them and soon his cock was nestled in between them as the tit wank started. He liked this so much that when Toni stopped to suck him again, he asked her for more of the tit wank.

Moving the action on Alex pushed his hand down Toni's black knickers to feel her up. Toni responded by sucking his cock some more. Alex pushed her panties aside and started to finger her tight hole. At the same time he licked her nipples and played with those jugs. Toni certainly seemed to love all this attention. Alex now wanted to go down on her and she suggested they moved to the bed.

Once on the bed Toni removed her knickers, but kept her black holdups and black high-heeled shoes on. Alex started off by paying more attention to those big baps, slowly kissing down her body and eventually arriving at her minge. To give her more sensation he simultaneously fingered her pussy and licked her clit. Toni moaned with delight. When Alex came up for a breather he told her to play with herself. She obliged, then suggested he might like to see her use a toy. Toni said she had just bought a new one and was dying to play with it. The toy in question turned out to be the rabbit and they had fun working out how to turn it on. While Toni frigged herself with the toy Alex played with her boobs and watched the show, before saying it was time for him to be inside her.

Alex needed a little help before he entered Toni, so she blew him into life, and together they applied a condom. She suggested he take her from behind. From Alex's "wow" as he entered Toni you just knew her pussy was tight. Looking at her nice round bottom before him Alex couldn't help giving it a little spank. He also leant right over and felt her knockers as be bonked her. "You are fantastic" he gasped. From her reactions Toni seemed to be enjoying the fuck as well.

Alex suggested they change position asking Toni if she wanted to go on top. She rolled over into the missionary position saying "Why don't I come this way". Ever the gentleman, Alex complied. He entered her again and kissed her as he pumped away. At one point his cock fell out, but he just slapped her clit with it a few times then stuffed it back in. It was Toni who suggested changing position again and this time she went on top. This gave Alex a rest and allowed him great access to her boobs, which were jiggling up and down in front of his face as Toni fucked him. With this stimulus Alex was soon ready to cum, but not surprisingly wanted to do so over her tits. Toni was happy to oblige and hopped off him and sat on the edge of the bed. Alex stood before her and she started giving him a hand job. Then she wrapped her baps round his cock and gave him a tit wank. This immediately did the trick and Alex came, dribbling his cum right down the gap between them. What a fantastic ending to a good punt. If you like a friendly but naughty girl with massive norks Toni's definitely one to book.

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