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Tequila Woods of Birmingham
Date: Saturday 30 April 2005 | Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Outcall to my hotel | Price: £150.
Description: 22-year old curvy blonde porn star with natural 34DD tits, tanned body and shaven pussy.
Uk Escort

UPDATE: Tequila now lives in London. NOTE: Tequila is listed on Adultwork.

However she is constantly changing her profile. For example on 28/04/2005 she had the "Escorts" box ticked and the "Performs on a webcam" box crossed and listed a mobile number for punters to call. Today it is the other way round and there is no mobile number! The prices she listed for escorting on 28/04/2005 were 30 minutes £80; 1 hour £150; 2 hours £300; 4 hours £500; Overnight £1,000.

I first heard that Tequila Woods was escorting from another punter whilst I was visiting Fun Place. Being local to Birmingham I guess this guy kept track of the home-grown porn talent. Once I found Tequila's listing I emailed it to Joel and asked him if he fancied a PSE - porn star experience? Joel was excited by this prospect and tracked down her movies and joined her Yahoo group in anticipation of his encounter.

Tequila arrived casually dressed in tight jeans, sweatshirt and heels, showing a slice of tanned flesh around her back. At first sight she looked just like so many bottle-blonde young Brummie lasses you can see around the city. Joel sorted out some wine for her and then they sat chatting together on the sofa. Joel took the opportunity to ask Tequila all about her experiences making porn films. She happily discussed what happens on a typical day and told him "I love my job". He also asked how come she got into escorting? Finally when Joel asked whether kissing was allowed Tequila immediately locked lips with him and gave him a right good snogging while at the same time unbuttoning his shirt. They both started stroking each other and as Joel began feeling Tequila's large tits, she removed her top to allow him better access. While still contained in the bra Tequila knelt up and put them right in Joel's face, so a boob was either side of his nose. Joel unhooked her bra and the breasts tumbled out, falling downwards by their own sheer weight. He immediately set to work on Tequila's nipples. She seemed to love the attention and her nipples were soon nicely erect, then she suggested they move over to the bed to get more comfortable.

On the bed, Joel sat down and faced Tequila. She put her bag nearby on the bedside table, then straddled Joel and surprised him by pushing him backwards to lie flat, and immediately lay right on top of him and snogged him again. Wow! Joel played with Tequila's tits some more, but she suggested he try licking her clit. She lay down on the bed herself and Joel helped her out of her jeans. He pulled back her g-string to reveal a light Brazilian and started stroking her bare pussy. Then he went down on her making good use of his tongue. Tequila responded well to his attentions, moaning and cooing, as well as playing with her own tits to increase the sensation. Joel was enjoying himself too, eating out a porn girl he seemed determined to make her cum. He stopped for a brief moment to remove Tequila's thong, and she also helped him out of his clothes at this point, but then he got right back to it with some more tongue action. This time he also used fingers, sticking them right up her pussy to caress her g-spot. Soon she was nice and creamy.

Tequila offered to return the favour so Joel lay back flat on the bed. His cock was already erect from all the excitement so Tequila took it in her mouth and started vigorously sucking it. Soon she was deep-throating Joel's dick which made her gag. Joel asked if she liked doing that? "Love it" replied Tequila. She gobbed on his knob and blew him some more. Joel asked if he could hold her head while she sucked and she agreed. This lead to some extra vigorous cock-sucking with more gagging as Joel forced Tequila's mouth deep on to his member. Joel asked Tequila how far into her mouth she could actually take it? She had to move herself into the right position, but once there Joel couldn't believe his eyes as his whole cock disappeared into her gob all the way down to the base! This made Tequila gag again and by now her eyes were watering too. But she still continued to suck his cock with real enthusiasm. At one point as she came up for air Tequila asked Joel how he was enjoying the porn star experience. "Fucking amazing!" he replied. Inspired by this tribute Tequila sucked away some more and when his dick slipped out of her mouth she also lustily went for Joel's balls. He flinched in pain, and she apologised, but it didn't seem to bother Joel much. Tequila carried on sucking, then said "&so you going to fuck me?" She went to her bag and returned with a condom.
Tequila asked Joel how he wanted to take her. He replied doggy and she said that was her favourite position. As Tequila got herself into position Joel noticed what a great arse she had and asked if he could spank it. "Of course you can, not too hard though," she said. Joel pushed his cock into her smooth pussy and started banging her. "Fuck, that feels good," he said as he increased the tempo. He then slowed the pace down to enjoy seeing his cock covered in her cunt cream. At times his dick would pop out of her pussy, but he would just slip it back in and they carried on. One time Tequila cried out "Fuck me Joel". Next they moved into missionary and Joel now had the pleasure of seeing her tits bounce up and down as he fucked her. Joel pumped her hard in this position and she seemed to love it. At times he would moved her legs around, putting one up on his shoulder for instance, to achieve deeper penetration. Tequila was up for all of this and it was obvious she loves to shag.

After a while Tequila told Joel she wanted to get on top of him. He lay down and Tequila climbed on top facing away from him. She proceeded to squat fuck him with her big jugs bouncing up and down. This got Joel very close to the edge so he asked Tequila where he could cum? She hopped off and said he could cum on her face. Joel knelt up by her head as Tequila gave him an enthusiastic hand job, first with one hand, then with both. Her porny long nails looked great shuffling his cock as she talked dirty to encourage him towards climax. Joel decided to act out like a porn dude himself and took over with some final hard wanking as she spurred him on. Within seconds he was cumming over Tequila's smiling face as she lapped it up with relish telling him to wipe his dick all over her. Great finale with a rude girl.

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