Suzi of London
Date: Friday 8 Sep. 2006 | Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Outcall to my hotel | Price: £160
Description: Lovely 18-year-old Polish girl with shoulder-length blonde hair, blue eyes, pretty freckles. Fit sun-tanned body. Limited English.

These days there are escorts flying into the UK from places like Poland for a few weeks to work, who then fly back home again, only to re-appear on the scene a month or two later. Suzi is one of these escorts and when I first saw her photos I just knew I was going to have to book her - at least that's what my cock was telling me. The arrangements went smoothly and she arrived at my hotel on time. Wow did she look stunning! Unfortunately her English was not as good as I had been lead to believe. Communication between us was limited and a little awkward. Never mind I thought at least she is a stunning teenager.

As Suzi had turned up in regular clothes (jeans and top) with a small suitcase of outfits I decided to start off this session with my very own fashion parade. First off I got Suzi to show off her cute arse in the jeans by bending over the desk. It has to be said this girl has an amazing body. Next I rummaged through the clothes and lingerie in her case and picked out a short white mini-skirt, white bra and thong and white top. The all in white "virginal" outfit as I called it. Luckily for me Suzi did not need to disappear into the bathroom to change, but simply started undressing in front of me. As she took her top off to reveal a lime green bra I noticed for the first time how sun-tanned her skin was. Her matching g-string, showed off her pert bottom to perfection and I got her to slowly remove her underwear so I could enjoy the view. I noticed she had good-sized tits on her for a slim girl and her pussy was neatly shaved. I was going to enjoy getting up close and personal with this little honey.

Suzi now put the white bra and thong on. The mini skirt was tight round her waist, but as I gently slapped her bottom I told her it looked good from behind. When she had her top and shoes on again I got Suzi to do another little parade up to the desk to bend over it again. Her arse looked fantastic and I just had to cop a feel. Also took the opportunity to take a peek under the skirt and feel her bare buttocks and give them a nice little spank. Fantastic.

I went back to rummaging through Suzi's case of lingerie and this time pulled out a sexy red and black negligee with matching thong. "Getting dressed for the bedroom now" I told her. The negligee had suspenders attached, but unfortunately Suzi had no stockings with her. As she gave me a twirl I noticed this outfit was nice and tight as well, showing off her body to perfection. This time after viewing her bottom some more by the desk I started to feel the goods. Gently I stroked her tits, then carefully exposed the right one and started licking and sucking her nipple. Soon I had both of then out and was enjoying playing with them. Then I told Suzi to sit back down on the sofa and I started exploring her lower regions. I pulled aside the sexy black and red g-string to reveal her shaved pussy with neat lips. Licking my fingers I gently fondled her for a while. Soon I was fingering her, and feeling the delights of that tight hole. Suzi didn't seem to be reacting to my advances, so I got her to play with her own tits, in the hope this would relax her. However, it was only when I started using my tongue that she seemed to get into it, her gentle moans spurring me to continue going down on her. I was happy to do this for a while and then suggested it was my turn.

While I unbuttoned and removed my shirt I got Suzi to undo my trousers and help get my knob out. She immediately started giving me OWO. Although it was nice to see my cock in the mouth of a pretty young thing if I'm honest her technique wasn't that great. I keep forgetting that these young girls sometimes don't provide the best service, even if they turn you on just from their looks. I took to coaching her, showing how I liked my cock wanked and getting her to make eye contact as she sucked me off. This improved things!

Now it was time to do some fucking so we moved over to the bed. I put on the condom, Suzi spread her legs wide and I inserted my stiff cock into her pussy. She gasped as it went in and I have to admit this girl is very tight. Her moans continued as I pumped away and I was pleased to have some vocal feedback. As Suzi got into it more she smiled and stroked my arms. Her smile is wonderful and lights up the room. This was turning into a jolly good fuck. As she seemed to be taking my cock so well now I lifted Suzi's legs up higher so I could penetrate her more deeply. I increased the tempo at this point and really enjoyed the delights of her tight little body. As I slowed down again, I relaxed her legs and decided to play with her tits, paying particular attention to her nipples.

I wanted to change position now and was very keen to see Suzi's arse while I fucked her, so I made her get on all fours on the bed. As my cock re-entered her I gently slapped her right buttock. The shape of her bottom is perfect. Suzi could really feel my tool in this position and the noises she made were music to my ears. It wasn't long before I was ready to empty my balls. I asked Suzi if it was all right to do this over her pretty face and she agreed. Off came the rubber, she made herself comfortable on the bed and I knelt beside her. She started off with a blow job, but I realised this wasn't going to do it for me so I showed her how to wank my cock again. That did the trick and soon my semen was splattering her right cheek and chin. It looked fantastic on her tanned skin and she gave me a lovely smile as well.

Not a bad punt in the end, but note to self: watch out for these young, teenage escorts. Yes they may be pretty and have superb, tight bodies, but that don't necessarily mean the sex is going to be good. Now if only I could find a gorgeous young teenage escort who is fantastic at sex&but then perhaps that's the Holy Grail of Punting?


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