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Sophie of Belfast
Date: Wednesday 3 August 2005 Time Spent: 1 hour Place: Outcall to my hotel Price: £150
Description: N Irish lass with straight blonde hair, blue eyes. Trim, petite and willing to please.
Sophie was recommended to me by a friend. She arrived at my hotel on time, dressed in a striking little blue number, which complemented her tanned body and lovely fair hair. We sat and chatted over a drink, discussing the escorting scene in Belfast. Sophie also indulged in a smoke after politely asking me first if I minded. Then she made the first move towards me, suggesting we stop talking. She took both my hands in hers, got up off her chair and then sensually snogged me. Wow! The fun continued as Sophie undid the belt on her shirtdress and slowly unpopped each button from the top down, to reveal a fit body with matching turquoise underwear and flesh-tone hold-ups. She dropped the dress behind her, leant forward and snogged me some more, as I sat still in my chair. While we kissed my hands wandered over her fit body.

Sophie helped me out of my shirt. I was still sitting down and she stood in front of me as we sucked faces again. She sure is a passionate kisser! Sophie undid my trousers, and then kissed and licked my nipples. With all this attention my cock was rapidly rising. Sophie unleashed it and started to gently massage it with both her hands. By this point she was kneeling in front of me - a sexy sight in itself! Sophie licked my balls and then all up the shaft of my member. When she reached the top she licked all around my knob, seeming to savour every taste. Her mouth slowly started to engulf it, and her head gently bobbed up and down as she started to give me full oral. I could have cum right there, but I concentrated on holding back. Sophie's blow job technique is good and she knows how to please a man with a good combination of licking and sucking. After enjoying the pleasure of Sophie's mouth for a while I suggested we move over to the bed.

I got Sophie to lie down in the middle of the bed, and I knelt beside her. I took her bra off and started to play with her small, but perfectly formed tits. As I licked her nipples they stood up proudly. Then I helped Sophie take her thong off and was pleasantly surprised to find she was totally clean-shaven. I went down on her and she was soon responding well to my attentions, making little gasping noises and getting nice and wet. I came up for air and asked Sophie if it was OK to finger her. She was so warmed up by now that two fingers easily slipped up inside her cunt and I continued to stimulate her clitoris at the same time.

I asked Sophie if she would let me fuck her. She grabbed a condom from her bag by the side of the bed and together we put it on my cock. I proposed we start off in missionary so I could still enjoy watching her. Sophie lay back flat on the bed, I got between her thighs and slid my dick into her pussy. It felt so hot being inside her. I pumped away hard and she responded in similar fashion so we were both bouncing vigorously up and down on the bed having fun. When I slowed down Sophie naturally started playing with her own clit and I actively encouraged her. It was really good to see my cock disappearing into her pussy whilst her dainty fingers with painted red nails earnestly frigged her own clit, increasing her excitement. I raised Sophie's legs upwards and outwards so I could poke her more deeply. She didn't object and I increased the tempo so she could feel the full effect of my cock. But this position was soon tiring, so instead I leant back on my haunches and let Sophie take over. She arched her back and used her legs to thrust vigorously up and down continuing the action whilst she was still spread flat in front of me. It was great to see a girl working so hard to have my dick up her pussy. This girl fucks like she really means it! She would have carried on forever in this style if my cock hadn't fallen out. That allowed us to regroup and resume a more comfortable position back in mish. So we fucked like this for a while, allowing me to get her legs in the air again and go for some more deep penetration.

I suggested we move on to doggy. Sophie readily agreed, hopped up on to all fours and pointed her cute arse towards me. Once again my dick entered that moist hole and she let me pump her hard from behind. Sophie used one hand to frig herself again and this time she offered it up to my mouth to lick her pussy juices. Nice! She was more vocal in this position groaning away nicely as I drilled her. I started to feel pretty worn out by now, so I asked Sophie if she minded me lying down. I collapsed onto the bed, but this minx didn't let me off that lightly. She snogged me again and played with my prick to keep it interested. Sophie wanted to go on top now, so who was I to say No? She started off slowly, but soon she was bouncing up and down with real relish. Eventually she flaked out too and collapsed on top of me. I suggested she lie down a while to recover.

Having had a breather, I was still up for some more action, so as Sophie lay beside me, I nuzzled up behind her and coaxed my cock into her pussy again. This was actually a good position for us as we could both lie down relaxed, but still continue fucking. Once again Sophie chose to masturbate herself as we shagged. This girl's certainly well into her sex! The pace was steadier now as we were both losing stamina. After a while Sophie asked me where I wanted to cum. I asked if she'd be really dirty for me and let me cum over her pretty face. She agreed, but said she would have to taste it too. Right On! Off came the rubber and I knelt high beside her as she wanked me. It wasn't long before I shot my load across her face. A big blob landed on her upper lip and the rest went in her mouth as she lapped up my hot love jizz with enthusiasm, seeming to genuinely enjoy it.

During our chat at the beginning of the session Sophie explained that her clients get just what they want; she derives satisfaction from pleasuring guys, not because of the money but because she wants to. She certainly delivers in that department; this girl loves nookie and it shows.

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