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Sandy & Raven of Manchester
Date: Monday 23 January 2006 Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Incall at Sandy's Apartment, a modern flat in Prestwich Village, Manchester. Price: £200
Description: Sandy: Slim tanned 22 year-old with captivating blue eyes, black hair, small breasts and a friendly, adventurous, bubbly character.
Raven: 22 year-old with long curly black hair, good figure, a quieter personality than Sandy, but also friendly.
Uk Escort

A 2-girl punt is never for the faint-hearted, but the one on offer at Sandy's Apartment should really carry a Government Health Warning! These girls are full-on, from the very start of the session to the finish. Their energy and willingness knows no bounds!

When I knocked on the door of Sandy's Apartment it was opened by Sandy herself wearing a little black number with black boots and fishnet stockings. Blimey! She showed me through to the bedroom, took my coat, snogged me (wow!), collected my money, explained where the shower was then snogged me again(!), before leaving me to sort myself out. Flustered I took a shower, and returned to the room just wearing a towel. I didn't have long to wait for Sandy's return and this time she was accompanied by Raven dressed in a short white slip with white stockings and white boots. What a captivating pair!

They sat down on either side of me and first Sandy then Raven kissed me. Sandy suggested they give me a nice massage, so I got rid of my towel and lay face down on the bed. Sandy peeled off her black see-through dress at this point so she was just in her black & twinkly lingerie with stockings and sexy heeled boots. The girls spread some oil over each other's hands and got down to work. Suddenly I felt 20 fingers rubbing all over my body, quickly followed by tongues and lips, as I was kissed and caressed. When Sandy moved up towards my ear she started on the dirty talk telling me how hard they were going to suck my cock so that I would spurt spunk down their throats. As this was being said to me Raven was already down the other end sucking and licking my balls.

Sandy told me to turn over, took off her bra and went down on me. Her technique was very enthusiastic, sucking my cock hard. I could imagine many punters coming within the first few minutes off this onslaught - sensational! Raven was lying beside me, so we kissed some more as Sandy gave me oral. That's a definite 2-girl highlight for me - snogging one mouth whilst the other sucks me! Breaking away from Raven for a moment I started feeling Sandy's pussy with vocal encouragement from her. By now Raven was back near my cock, so Sandy handed it over to her and told her to suck it. This she did with equal relish. Then the girls shared it, one sucking it then the other. Superb visuals for later wank fodder!

Sandy stood up and removed her thong to expose a neat Brazilian. I suggested she bring that to sit on my face as Raven continued giving me head. Sandy seemed to enjoy the attention of my tongue and was soon shaking and crying out as she squatted above me. After she hopped off, she told Raven to give her that cock to suck again, but I asked her to get a condom as I was ready to move things on. Sandy gave me a final sucking and bagged my cock, while Raven kissed me. Sandy first mounted me in the squat-fuck position and proceeded to give me a good shagging. As she fucks you she keeps up the dirty talk too.

Next Sandy pulled off and I needed a little respite, so I told her to go down on Raven. You can tell Sandy is really bi, because she immediately got down to it between Raven's thighs, relishing the task at hand. She licked her out good, then at my prompting fingered her as well. I told Sandy to get on all fours as she was carrying on her work, so I could enter her from behind. It felt great being inside her pussy again. Sandy and Raven kissed each other as I pumped away, what a horny sight!
Sandy then said she would lick Raven's cunt to get it all wet for me to stick my cock up there. Yes please! Sandy gave Raven's pussy some more work, then broke away from her to suck my cock some more as I changed to a new condom for a new girl. Raven adopted the doggy position on the bed and Sandy helped me guide my dick into her. As I fucked her, Sandy snogged me, then went behind me, squatted down underneath us and started licking Raven's pussy then my balls. What a sensation! As Sandy's face was right there I just had to do one of my dream things - I pulled my cock out of Raven and flopped it onto Sandy's face. Without hesitation she stuck it in her mouth, tasting all Raven's juices. Brilliant!

I still wanted to see the girls play with their toys. Sandy removed Raven's dress and the girls kissed and caressed each other standing by the bed. Sandy seemed to particularly enjoy sucking Raven's fuller tits. As Sandy moved down to her pussy I joined in sucking Raven's boobs. The toy show seemed to be on hold for the moment, but I didn't mind as watching this lesbian action was horny anyway. Eventually I got Raven to lie on the bed again, told Sandy to sit behind her, and for them to start kissing. Sandy also played with Raven's pussy getting it ready for me. I entered Raven in missionary and fucked her for a while. When I slipped out Sandy rushed over and started sucking my cock again. She knew now that I liked that.

Sandy suggested she suck me off some more while they played with their toys. I readily agreed to this so it started with Raven penetrating Sandy with a pink rabbit. I was getting a blow job and playing with Sandy's tits as she was on the receiving end of Raven's attention. Sandy likes her nipples squeezed hard when she gets excited and eventually she had another orgasm. As that subsided, it was Raven's turn for a toy so she settled herself comfortably as Sandy grabbed an enormous black vibrator, sucked it herself to get it wet, then slowly inserted it up Raven's slit. It was amazing how much of it Raven could actually take! Watching them at it, I put another rubber on and entered Sandy from behind while she was busy. I enjoyed fucking her this way, with a good view of the toy action as Raven used it on herself. I pulled out and Sandy quickly turned her attention back to Raven, poking her with the dildo some more, which she first tasted herself before then presenting it up to Raven's mouth telling her to suck her own pussy juices off it. As Raven obliged, Sandy went back down for more pussy-licking and fingering. The action with these two is simply wall-to-wall filth: fantastic! I couldn't resist seeing Sandy's arse waving in the air so I licked her pussy and rimmed her arsehole a little to join in. Then both girls sat side by side on the bed so I could see a bonanza of mutual finger-fucking, snogging and cuddling.
Soon it was my turn to be the centre of attention again. You certainly need to be fit for an hour with these two! Sandy got me to lie on the bed again, and this time it was Raven who was told, "Suck that cock baby!" So she blew me while Sandy sat on my face again. Then Sandy leant right forward to 69 me so the girls were licking and sucking my cock together, which is a really great sensation. Next it was on with a rubber and Raven mounted me on top, facing and playing with Sandy on my face. We fucked like this pyramid-style, and at one point I had both girls moaning simultaneously - Sandy from the action of my tongue and Raven from the fill of my cock; soon Sandy was cumming again! In the aftermath of that orgasm Raven hopped off and came to lie close next to me, alternately kissing me and helping me lick Sandy's pussy, sharing her cum juices with me. Phwoar! Sandy soon had her mouth round my dick again, as she was being finger-fucked by Raven and licked by me at the same time.

With all this stimulation I decided it was my turn to come now. In order to do her famous 'snowball' Sandy got me to stand up on one side of the bed. Both girls knelt in front of me to suck me off and lick my balls. I got them to take it in turns which they happily did, and looked brilliant. Before long I was coming hard into Sandy's gob. She took it all in, sucked me dry, then shared the contents of her mouth with Raven by kissing her. I even had Raven lick the remnants of my spunk off Sandy's face.

A superb two-girl session, enough to tame any man. The fact you can also see Sandy/Raven for just a half hour session, makes you understand why Sandy's Apartment is so busy all the time these days. It's wise to make an advance booking to avoid disappointment.

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