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Nancy of London
Date: Thursday 20 October 2005 Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Outcall to my hotel Price: £200
Description: Sociable mid-20's Polish lady, with streaked blonde hair, tanned body, pretty face.

I first met Nancy at one of Steve2's parties held regularly in London. It was actually the first time she had appeared at one of Steve's parties and she proved to be quite a hit having constant attention from the guys present. The party was good fun, but I was craving some private time with this new girl, so I arranged to see her for a 1-on-1 a few days later.

Nancy arrived on time at my hotel wearing black boots with a short skirt, lacy blouse and a smart black leather coat over the top. I took her coat and offered her a drink. As a true Pole, Vodka is Nancy's favourite tipple so I poured her a generous measure with coke while we sat and talked about the party scene. It turns out she had attended other parties before, such as Velvet Pussies and Gentleman's Pleasures, but currently she is just working with Club Fantasy. Nancy described her experiences of Steve's parties so far and mentioned that at one event a swinging couple turned up - a nice feature.

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As we talked I couldn't help but notice Nancy's coloured bra showing through her perforated cream blouse. I complimented her on how great she looked and started stroking and caressing her. She responded by touching me and stroking herself - nice! I unbuttoned Nancy's top to find a very glamorous brassiere of pale green lace over pink satin encasing her boobs. She and I both fondled the bra feeling the shape of her tits. Nancy undid my shirt and made straight for my nipples. I continued rubbing my hands over her body, this time taking the opportunity to lift up her short skirt and run my hands over her matching thong. Nancy licked and sucked my nipples, whilst gently groping me through my trousers, causing my cock to stiffen with her attention. I freed one of Nancy's breasts out of her bra cup to lick and suck it, before getting the other out for similar treatment. While I sucked on one nipple Nancy used her own hand to lift the other up towards her lips for attention. Her neatly manicured nails looked so sexy against her suntanned skin. I carried on happily playing with Nancy's tits for a while and she kept feeling me up. Next she unzipped my trousers to unleash my hardening dick. Dropping to her knees before me, she popped it straight into her mouth and maintaining direct eye contact with me, started to suck strongly. Wow is her technique good - must be all that practice blowing so many cocks at the parties! She soon had me rock hard. I noticed Nancy would vary her technique, so that one moment she was sucking hard, the next she would stop and just tease the end of your knob with her tongue, or she might be bashing your prick against her open lips. Great visuals!

After some more mouth action Nancy suggested we go and get comfortable on the bed. She walked over, took her skirt off (leaving her leather boots on) and lay down, resplendent in her posh lingerie. I undressed and went over to join her. I started by stroking her smooth skin and getting her up onto all fours so I could look at her behind more easily. I began to feel her pussy gently through her thong. Then I pulled them aside to get easier access and softly rubbed her clitoris. I proposed she make herself comfortable again, so she lay back on the bed while I went down on her. I licked and sucked at her pussy. Nancy said "It's nice" and I told her to play with my cock while I went to work on her again with my tongue. I pulled off her thong at this point to obtain full exposure and asked if I could finger her. No problem there, and I was pleased to find her pussy was by now nice and moist. Nancy happily played with her own clit as I fingered her. I asked if I could use two fingers and again Nancy agreed. She was really getting nice and creamy now. With the focus on Nancy my dick had gone down so I asked her to suck me some more. With her excellent technique she soon hard my chap rock hard again so I was keen and ready to fuck.

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Nancy reached into her bag and produced an assortment of condoms, lube and toys. She bagged my cock and told me her pussy was ready. No need for extra lube here - excellent! I knelt between her thighs and penetrated her in missionary. It felt so good to be entering her again. Soon I was moving hard and fast inside her. Nancy egged me on saying "Fuck that pussy". Brilliant! I urged her to play with her clit as I fucked her. I knew she liked this, I recalled seeing her do it quite a lot at the party. I like a girl who plays with herself. After a while I suggested we try another position. Nancy wanted spoons or behind, so feeling like I wanted to take it easy I opted for spoons. I lay behind her and she fed my cock back inside her pussy. Soon I was pumping away hard again. Nancy asked for more of this, "deep and hard" she said. I reckon this girl likes to fuck. After a bit my dick fell out of her pussy so instead I suggested Nancy knelt on all fours and we moved into doggy. While fucking her from behind I got her to wriggle her bum producing a great sight, with her cheeks dancing around my cock going in and out of her pussy. I told Nancy her arsehole was looking very inviting in this position and asked if I could insert a finger. She said yes and passed me the lube. I squirted a dollop straight onto her bum hole, applied some to my finger and softly tickled around her starfish. Then I slowly inserted my slippery finger into her rear entrance. It was tight and warm, gripping my finger. As I continued pumping away in doggy my finger could now feel my cock entering her. What an interesting sensation.

I asked Nancy if I could now try a toy in her arse. She chose a little white vibrator from her bag of tricks and I lubed it up. As I gently pushed this into her, my cock was still in her pussy so the constriction made the vibe immediately pop out again. I had to really apply pressure to keep it in there! I held the toy in her bottom while I fucked some more. It felt rather unusual as I could feel the toy with my cock! Eventually I got into the rhythm of fucking her pussy with my cock and her arse with the vibrator at the same time for double penetration. Nancy seemed to like this sensation! Next I turned the vibrator on so it was buzzing away inside her bum while I was still shagging her. I could feel that too! I also pulled the toy out and held it against her butt hole so she could just feel it vibrating on the outside. I remarked to Nancy that if she had her mouth also filled at this moment it would constitute a total Air Lock. Yes, she said "like a small party" and she then proceeded to grab a large pink rubber dildo and sucked on it to achieve this effect. It was indeed just like at the party where I became accustomed to seeing her suck another guy's cock as I fucked her.

After this fun I pulled out and sat back to regain my composure. Nancy said "Give me your cock". So I drew up on my knees in front of her and she pulled off the condom. I requested she wank me off over her tits, but first she wanted to taste my cock some more. She asked me to finally remove her bra, which I gladly did. Then she delivered a good vigorous hand job aiming right at her chest. Soon I was letting her know I was going to come. She told me to give it to her and I duly obliged by spraying white cum all over her tanned tits. I noticed a spot even landed on her cheek. A perfect ending to a good punt.
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