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Tati of London
Date: Sunday 30 April 2006 Time Spent: 1 hour. Place: Outcall to my hotel. Price: £250
Description: Gorgeous 21-year-old Brazilian with long black hair, dark eyes and a fit body. Sensual and passionate.

Occasionally I will film an escort who is fairly new to the business and they will try it for a few weeks, decide they dont like it and retire before I can put their film on the site. One such escort was Melissa of London, who only appears on RealPunting DVD 1. In 2006 this happened again with Tati. She actually tried both porn and escorting for a short while but then disappeared from both scenes. When I could not find her I put the film on one side, only discovering it again recently. After re-watching it I decided to put it up in the hope that somebody will know where she is now. If so please contact me. I need to see her again urgently!

Although Tati is from Brazil she has been studying in the UK for 4 years so her English is excellent. She had only been escorting for 2 weeks when I met her, but she is a very confident young lady, so it does not show. The friend who had given me Tatis number told me she lap dances and so after chatting on the sofa I suggested she dance for me. She started off up close and personal wriggling her little body right in front of me. Her white jean jacket was removed to reveal a top, which barely covered her small neat tits these Brazilian girls like to flash their flesh. As she carried on writhing in front of me she undid my shirt. I told her to show me her arse and she wriggled it in front of my face - her tight, white mini skirt really showing it off to perfection. She moved behind me, undid my belt and thrust her hand down my trousers. My cock quickly hardened as she touched me up.

Moving back in front of me, Tati wriggled on my lap. Standing up, she undid her mini skirt and slowly removed it to reveal a nice black and pink thong. She dropped to her knees and gently kissed my chest as she pulled my trousers down. Peeling back my underwear she unleashed the beast. Gently she licked up and down the shaft before her mouth engulfed it for some good sucking action. Needless to say it was rock hard by the time it popped back out of her mouth again. Together we got her small tits out and played with them. Whenever she stopped sucking my cock she would still pay it attention, giving me a nice hand job. She likes cock this one!

I told Tati to sit on the sofa so I could examine her. I helped her off with her thong on the way. She has a neat pussy with a little Brazilian. I went down on her and as I licked away Tati continued to pay my cock some attention. I fingered her and was delighted to feel how tight she was. Soon she was nice and wet so I suggested we fuck. She sucked my cock some more as she removed my pants, then grabbed a condom from her bag.

We started shagging on the sofa, with Tati on top. She is great at winding her hips in this position and she seemed to be enjoying it as much as me. I suggested we move over to the bed, and offered to carry Tati over. This I did and managed to keep my cock inside her, so we just carried on shagging in mish on the bed. I increased the tempo and enjoyed hearing her gasps get louder. I told her to play with her clit while I fucked her. This did the trick and she soon confessed Youre going to make my cum. She asked me if it was OK for her to do this (very professional) and I said of course. I carried on pumping away, she played with her clit and soon she reached her climax. We both collapsed on the bed and rested for a while laying side by side.

Soon we were stroking and kissing each other again. Once my cock was hard again I slipped it back inside her as we both lay there. She was not as wet now so she had to grab some lube. We fucked in spoons for a while. I slipped out and Tati suggested we change position so I told her to get on all fours. The view of her bottom is amazing and at one point I stopped pumping away and just watched her wriggling on my cock. It was like a dance. These Brazilian chicks sure know how to move.

I suggested we lay back down on the bed. But rather than lay by my side Tati came on top of me this time. She teased her fanny with my cock and then gently pushed it inside her. Starting off slowly she soon wound those hips up and started fucking me like crazy. Its unusual for me to cum inside an escort, I find it difficult with the condom and everything. However with Tati writhing energetically on top of me I couldnt hold back any longer and I exploded inside her. She carried on pumping making sure every last drop was out of me. After Id finished she didnt jump straight off as some escorts do, but let me stay inside her and we kissed some more. Tati really gives an excellent girl friend experience.

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