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Lilly B of Basingstoke
Author of this Report: Graham | Date: Friday 1 June 2007 | Time Spent: 1 hour | Price: £150
Place: Outcall to hotel | Description: Gorgeous 18-year-old glamour model with slim, sexy body.

On a nice summers day I visited the Hampshire town of Basingstoke to have a punt with a gorgeous 18-year-old glamour model, Lilly B, who has just started escorting. I was visiting her incall place, which was a short taxi ride from the station. Lilly greeted me at the door wearing a short black dress and we sat and chatted downstairs in her home studio. I established that all sex was with a condom (including oral), that she will kiss (but no French kissing), and that she is OK receiving oral and having fingers inserted.

Once in the bedroom we started with some kissing and then Lilly let me remove her dress for her. This revealed nice blue knickers and bra on a lovely slim and leggy body. She suggested we start with a massage so, after undressing, I lay on my front while she straddled me and rubbed oil all over my back and shoulders whilst we struck up a good conversation. Lilly is very friendly, and she managed to make me reveal where I was ticklish (feet) - a big mistake!

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After Lilly had got me nice and relaxed she suggested I massage her - fantastic! I could not wait to get my hands on her lovely teenage body. To start with I rubbed plenty of oil on Lilly's back. At first she was unimpressed with my massage skills, so I pressed down much more firmly and then did her legs. Then she turned over and I massaged her lovely small but natural tits, then her tummy and legs again. I helped Lilly off with her knickers and I just had to go down on her, she tasting really sweet, and then I inserted one then two wet fingers into her very moist pussy.

It was now time for Lilly to do some work on me. I lay on my back and she gave me a covered blow job. Her technique was really good and the condom didn't lessen my enjoyment too much. Luckily for me Lilly's favourite position is the same as mine - doggy - so we started fucking that way. As I entered her neat pussy I enjoyed the tightness of a teenage body. Lilly was quite wet though so I could thrust my tool into her easily. She asked me to do it hard and fast and I was happy to oblige in between some slower really deep thrusts.

We switched to mish with me starting off with a lot of vigorous fast thrusts and then gripping Lilly's calves and pressing her thighs gently into her tummy for some slower, lazier thrusts. Now I wanted to watch Lilly go up and down on my cock so I lay on my back as she mounted me. She proceeded to grind me rather than move up and down my shaft, which is what I prefer. So I gripped her arse and did some thrusting, this seemed to encourage her to move up and down more and it was lovely to watch her bouncing on my cock. She allowed me to do some light spanking as we fucked and I also ran my hands up and down her still slippery back.

Soon we just had to stop as I was almost ready to shoot my load and wanted to cum all over her lovely tits. So she lay on her back with me to her side and started to give me a hand job, which felt really, really good. I just needed a bit more lubrication so after spitting on my cock she rubbed some oil on her hand and soon I was cumming all over her tits. She made me produce so much of the white stuff that her tits and tummy looked like a painter's radio!

If you're looking for a beautiful, fun teenage escort you're unlikely to go wrong with Lilly B. Just don't tell her whereabouts you're ticklish!
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