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Carly Parker of London
Date: Thursday 25 October 2007
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Incall at nice apartment in Chelsea
Price: £500
Description: Cute, blonde American Porn Star with massive tits.

UK Escort

An interesting new development at the famous London Escort Agency for Porn girls is the arrival of American Porn Stars. It seems they are flown in for a few weeks to film in the UK porn industry and while here are happy to earn extra money seeing punters. These girls charge a premium for their services, but the price is still less than what you would pay in the States. So if you have a favourite US Porn Star it's worth checking this agencies books from time to time for details of who is here.

Carly Parker has been starring in porn films since she was 19 and is famous for her big tits and inter-racial scenes. She was working out of an apartment in the King's Road, Chelsea. When John knocked on the door he was greeted by Carly wearing nothing more than underwear and boots. After taking care of the fee, she invited him to sit on the sofa and offered him a drink. John mentioned he had seen her DVDs and Carly was keen to know what his favourite one was. It seems most of her clients are fans, and she likes to know what a guy is into so she can re-live the scene for them if that's what they want. During their chat we learnt Carly is from Florida originally, but now lives in LA with 8 other porn girls, and that she is a complete "nympho" who once fucked one of her professors to get an A grade and has given a few hand jobs on planes! This was her third trip to England and her next trip is planned for Jan/Feb 2008.

Although Carly had been touchy-feely with John during their chat, the real action did not begin until she suggested they move into the bedroom. Once there Carly started kissing John passionately then gently pushed him on to the bed so he was lying face up. She jumped on top of him and smothered his face with her massive tits. She quickly removed her bra and John got to work sucking and licking her nips. Carly undid John's shirt and kissed his nipples. Some more tit worship and kissing went on. Then she got John to remove his own shoes, trousers and pants while she sat and played with herself.

UK Escort

Once naked John was instructed to lie back on the bed. Carly sucked his cock for a minute, spat on it, then said "Play with that! I want you to make it hard for me," as she stood up and removed her knickers to reveal a neat, shaved pussy. "Do ya mind if I use my toy?" she asked as she re-joined John on the bed to suck his cock. At first Carly used the toy herself, but then she told John to take over so she could concentrate on the blow job. She soon had his cock rock hard. Meanwhile John was plunging the toy in and out of her tight hole. "Do ya think I look good on your cock?" Carly asked. "You look beautiful," replied John. They changed position again, Carly instructing John to "feel my tities." While he did this she kept up the attention on his knob giving him a hand job.

"What do you want to do with me?" asked Carly. "Eat your pussy," replied John as he went down on her. Then it was back to the breasts as John climbed on board for a tit wank. Carly told John to lay back down on the bed again. She blew him some more then demanded he take her boots off. John noticed how small her feet were (English size 4) and proceeded to do a bit of foot worship. Carly had another "surprise" for John after this and picked up some anal beds and pushed them up her arse. He was instructed to finger her and then she used a second toy as well on her clit. This seemed to really excite her and she told John she needed to get fucked now.

As Carly applied a condom she said "You ready to fuck me just like you see on film?" You bet he was! John entered her from behind with the anal beads still up her arse. As he pumped away Carly screamed "more, more" and "give it to me." Carly wanted to taste her own pussy juices so she pulled out and sucked John's cock some more. At the same time she removed the anal toy and tasted that as well. "Let me get on top of you," she said. As she mounted John she thrust her massive norks into his face. They fucked and shared dirty talk. John asked to be spat on and Carly duly obliged. "So this is the true porn star experience?" John enquired. "It's the true nympho experience!" Carly replied.

John's cock slipped out. "Put it back in," he told Carly. "No, I won't you to come and fuck me in mish," she replied. As John entered that tight hole again Carly played with her own clit desperate for an orgasm now. John pounded away. "Don't stop," pleaded Carly "that's perfect." It took a while but eventually she came. "That was awesome," she said pulling John towards herself and snogging him. "You made me cum, can I make you cum now?" Carly asked. "Please," replied John as he withdrew, pulled off the condom and knelt up beside her face. They agreed he would cum in Carly's mouth. She blew him some more but John preferred a handjob and instructed Carly to do it nice and hard round the end. That soon did it and John squirted his spunk all over her cheek and on to her tongue. She licked it up. "That was very fun" said Carly smiling up at him.

UK Escort

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