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Francine of London
Date: Tuesday 27 November 2007 Time Spent: 1 hour Place: Outcall Price: £180
Description: Smart, confident, well-educated, sexy 22 year old with 36DD natural boobs.
Francine is a well-educated young lady having been to a boarding school and then on to University where she specialised in languages. She is fluent in seven languages including Japanese, Greek, Italian, French and German. Life at a boarding school made her genuinely bi-sexual, and a post-graduate job as an air hostess broadened her mind sexually as she experienced threesomes with fellow cabin crew on their long haul over night stops. One of her boyfriends led her into swinging and a couple she met suggested she could earn a living as an escort. This she has been doing since June 2006.

Arriving at Johns hotel room on time, Francine was invited in and offered a drink. The paperwork was taken care of and they sat and chatted. She was dressed in a brown dress with matching boots, but had bought along a flight bag full of clothes. Francine offered to show John some of her outfits. Together they chose a mini-skirt, black fishnet hold-ups and a bra and panties set. She went off to the bathroom to get changed while John removed his clothes and lay on the bed waiting for her to return and give him a massage. Their chat continued as Francine massaged John using liberal amounts of baby oil.

Things started to get raunchy when Francine declared she was getting a bit hot and undid her mini skirt. I want to suck you cock she said. But before she got down to this, she sat on top of John and directed him to play with her tits. Then taking Johns finger she teasingly showed him how she was going to suck his knob! Hoping off him for a minute, Francine removed her skirt and panties. She climbed back on in the 69 position. Beautiful pussy said John as her shaven haven descended on to his face. At the other end Francine was spitting on Johns cock and sucking it hard. Can I stick my fingers in your pussy? John asked. Francine readily agreed and was soon helping him by sticking her own fingers up her arse. John noticed how tight her pussy was, but also that it was getting nice and wet from all the attention. He soon had his finger up her back passage and she said I might let you put your cock in there cos I like you.

I want to sit on your cock Francine said to John. She bagged his knob then lowered herself down on to it. John gasped Fuck me thats hot. Its ever so hot and wet. He squeezed her fantastic rack as she bounced up and down on him. At one point Johns cock slipped out but Francine just popped it back in saying Its okay, my pussys just too wet! She moved into the squat fucking position so John could watch his knob sliding in and out of that tight hole. What a lovely sight!

You need to bend me over, said Francine and they switched to doggy. Go on bang me really fucking hard, she told John. She may be a smartly educated young lady but Francine can be a dirty little minx in the bedroom! She was soon reaching round and fingering her own arse as John worked up a sweat banging her. I can feel you cock she said as she rummaged around in her own back passage.

John stopped fucking for a minute. Francine suggested he try putting it back in her arse. John tried, but was struggling to get it in. Francine asked if he did much anal. He admitted that he didnt and so she suggested they try a different position for arse fucking. She lay on her back with her legs wide open and invited him to try again. This was much easier and John was soon enjoying some fine A levels. He told Francine to rub her pussy as he fucked her arse. Does that make you feel dirty? Francine asked as John humped her. Is that different to fucking my pussy? she said. Yea its even tighter, gasped John.

Dont cum up there, instructed Francine I want you to cum over my tits. John pulled out and removed the condom. Francine sat by the end of the bed and John moved over to join her. At first she started giving him a hand job, but then she told John to show her how he wanks. Show me what you do when youre on your own and you watch dirty videos she said. I think of girls like you, said John as he wanked away. Soon he squirted his hot seed all over her chest and breasts. Youve showered me! said Francine laughingly. She gave John a kiss on the cheek before going to get cleaned up.

If you like a bit of posh well-educated totty who is dirty in the bedroom then Francine is definitely for you. She would be perfect in any social situation, so she would be the perfect choice for culture dates, overnights in nice hotels or even trips abroad.