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Melinda of Manchester
Date: Thursday 29 September 2005 Time Spent: 30 minutes Place: The Wonder Lounge, Bury Massage Parlour Price: £50 + £20 for extras.
Description: Friendly curvy mature lady with 36FF natural tits.

The Wonder Lounge is a new parlour which has recently opened in Bury. Their website notes: "&you'll be simply amazed at the time & thought which has gone into making these purpose-built premises just perfect&" Nick had an appointment with Melinda. She greeted him at the door of the house wearing sexy white platform shoes and a shaped white satin body with a fine shawl tied around her hips. He paid his fee, she led him through to the massage room and left him to use the ensuite shower.

When Melinda returned she offered Nick a choice of oil, talc or lotion for his massage. He opted for oil, so Melinda removed her shawl, straddled him on the bed and poured oil on his back starting the massage. After some small talk she asked "What do you like to do?" They discussed certain services, then Melinda recited the price list. This included OWO (£10), OWO to completion (£20), Anal (£40) and a two-girl lesbian show (£15 each girl). Also mentioned was a "special promotional offer" of another girl being in the room for £10 for 10 minutes. Nick asked if this was just to watch and Melinda said no you can touch and feel her as well, but obviously not have sex with her. Nick chose rimming and OWO to add to his basic service. Melinda soon turned things up a notch, kissing Nick and rubbing her tits over his back. She asked him to turn over and at the same time gave him an eyeful by stripping off her white satin body so she just had her kinky white high heels left on. As she got back on the bed she told Nick she would start at the bottom and work her way up. This meant the first attention was on his balls which Melinda gently licked then sucked. She moved up to his dick, and before continuing just checked that Nick did indeed want OWO. Once confirmed she took the whole of his cock straight into her mouth and sucked hard. She continued the blow job and then broke off to kiss Nick's upper body, paying particular attention to his nipples. Finally she reached his face and gave him a big snog. Then it was back down for some more oral. On coming up for air Melinda asked Nick if he wanted to play with her tits. He didn't need asking twice and immediately set to work licking and suckling her nipples. He asked Melinda if she could lick her own tits and she proceeded to show him that indeed she could!

Nick proposed sixty-nine, so Melinda climbed up on top of him and went to work on his cock again. Meanwhile at the other end Nick was busy eating Melinda's pussy. He also asked if he could finger her bottom and Melinda agreed. He tongue-tickled her arsehole too and this reminded him of the rimming he was due so he asked Melinda to do this next. She told him to kneel over so he shifted on to all fours at the end of the bed. Melinda used a wet wipe to give the area an extra clean, then knelt behind him and licked his anus. In between she used her finger to good effect, certainly giving him good service for his money; by his moans you could tell Nick was enjoying it. To finish off Melinda rubbed her big tits all over his bum, while Nick watched in the mirror hanging over the bedhead. By now he was rock hard so Melinda quickly grabbed a condom. After bagging his member, she gave it another little suck for good measure. Then she asked Nick what his favourite position was? He replied missionary, so Mel lay down and spread her thighs for him. Nick entered her and banged away, hard and fast. Melinda sucked and played with her own tits as she lay there jiggling. After a while she suggested they try another position. They switched around to doggy and Nick gave her some more rapid fucking from behind. When he showed signs of tiring Melinda offered to sit on his cock instead. This sounded appealing so Melinda instructed Nick to sit right on the end of the bed with his feet on the floor. She explained that her heels made it difficult to get on top of him on the bed. This time Melinda did all the work, thrusting up and down on Nick's cock, her big tits making a nice slapping noise as she got stuck in. Nick's hands still had room to reach around and cop a feel of the bouncing baps. Melinda proved herself just as energetic as Nick, servicing him in this position for a while.

Eventually she recommended Nick have a nice tit wank. Off came the condom and Melinda lay flat down on the bed. Nick straddled her up high under her armpits. He placed his still hard dick between her massive mammaries. Melinda applied a large glug of oil to make it good and slippery, wrapped his cock up in her tits and jogged them up and down. At the same time, she licked his knob. Fantastic! After a while she asked Nick if he could cum like that. He said unfortunately no - not enough sensation for him to get there. So instead Melinda decided she'd wank him off by hand all over her boobs. A vigorous hand job followed. She encouraged Nick onwards by asking him to make her tits wet. Before long he did come, squirting his juice between those amazing breasts and up towards her neck. Melinda squeezed every last drop out, then spread it around to make a nice pearl necklace. As they cleaned up she offered Nick a final shower, which he gladly took after all his exertion. After paying for his extras Melinda showed Nick out, giving him a nice kiss as she bade him farewell.

The Wonder Lounge certainly seems to be a very promising parlour. All areas and rooms are nicely furnished, the staff are friendly, and with a choice of 4 or 5 ladies every day, they are bound to have a girl to suit most tastes. We hear they have also started holding parties, which seem very good value with 12 girls available for £200.