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Uk Escort

Uk Escort
Sacha of London
Date: Sunday 24 July 2005 | Time Spent: 1 hour| Place: Outcall to my hotel | Price: £250
Description: Hot Brazilian babe full of passionate Latino spirit. Striking looking, lovely petite body; smooth olive skin and gorgeous enhanced tits.


I first met Sacha at one of Natasha's Parties which are fun events to attend, especially if you are new to the party scene. She really prefers meeting clients at the parties before seeing them for a private 1-on-1 booking. When Sacha arrived at my room the first thing I couldn't help noticing was the kinky long black boots she was wearing, tight fitting and spike-heeled. Phwoar! As I offered to take her denim jacket, she removed it to reveal a very sexy little backless dress that barely contained her wonderful tits. Topping this off were a nice silver choker and long earrings which really twinkled against her brown skin - Wow did she look hot! A perfect combination of style and sex-appeal with a friendly pretty face smiling at me too.

We sat together on the sofa to share a drink and a chat. I had assumed most Latino girls had dark brown eyes but Sacha's were a hypnotising green. While discussing her home country of Brazil Sacha offered to show me how you do the Samba so she got up and danced in front of me expertly wriggling her jiggly hips cleverly for an all too brief moment - revealing a glimpse of her left breast to me during the process. I also asked Sacha to say a little something in her native Portuguese. She thought about it for a moment, moved very close to me, stroked me gently and spoke very sexily in her foreign voice. After her helpful translation she added, "&so maybe we should just go and start to have fun". Sounded like a good idea to me. Standing up she said "Come" in Portuguese and led me over to the bed.

Sacha told me to undress and lie face down on the bed. For now she kept all her clothes on and started giving me a massage. She used her nails to very good effect, gently raking over my skin. Shortly she asked me to turn over. Sacha pulled the halterneck of her dress up over her head and let it drop down around her waist exposing her magnificent baps. They sat there perfectly pert and she invited me to touch and squeeze them. I didn't need telling twice immediately setting to work, feeling their shape, then licking and sucking her fantastic nipples. Sacha continued to stroke me as I played with her boobs. She commented on how horny I must be feeling as she could see my cock was already hard. Grabbing some lube she gently started massaging it. Then she reached over and licked and sucked my right nipple. Sacha straddled me and pulled off the rest of her dress, so she was now sitting on me just in a little pink g-string and boots, plus a nice sparkly diamente belly-chain. She leant down to press her body against mine, wriggling her hips to tease my cock some more whilst gently kissing my upper body. This is one sensuous lady!

Like all the Natasha's party girls Sacha only offers all her services protected so next she bagged my cock and started giving me head. She told me that most guys think she is too rough with her blow jobs, but I found it superb. She sucked deep and hard, just the way I like it. Taking a little break, she would then lick along the whole shaft, before engulfing the head again and sucking some more. For such a petite little thing Sacha can sure take cock deep into her mouth. Telling me she didn't want to make me cum just yet, Sacha suggested I watch her play with herself. She grabbed a toy and we switched places. I helped her off with her thong uncovering a neat little Brazilian-trimmed pussy. Sacha switched the vibrator on and started playing with her clit. I knelt beside her and stroked her leg as I watched. She said her pussy would be very wet for me after playing with it. I changed to fondling her tits and Sacha managed to use her spare hand to play with my dick still covered in its condom. I asked her if she was going to put the toy inside herself. She wetted it in her mouth then pushed it deep into her hole. I could tell she was tight and she told me she actually hadn't had any sex for a while because she had been on holiday back visiting her family. It felt exciting to think I would be the one now breaking her in again!

Sacha told me to lie down and gave me some more oral. This time she spat on my cock. Then turning her arse towards me she climbed on top facing away and slowly inserted my cock into her pussy. Wow did it feel tight. Moving into a squatting position Sacha started wriggling on top of me. Then while I reached around to squeeze her tits she started bouncing up and down on me, giving me a good shagging. Occasionally she would take short breaks to wiggle again; the sensation was fantastic. Sacha then closed my legs together, leant right forward towards my feet and slowly writhed her hips so I could see my cock entering her pussy more easily. What a great view! Sacha also used her nails to good effect, gently scratching my legs to heighten the feeling.
After jiggling around for a while, Sacha hopped off and proposed we change the condom between positions. We restarted fucking in missionary, with Sacha's legs high in the air. I pumped away enjoying the pleasure of pushing my cock deep inside her. Then I leant backwards and Sacha managed to lift herself up slightly. I grabbed under her arse and we increased the tempo and she egged me on to bang her. Wow this was some fast hot sex. But I couldn't keep it up and we changed back to me leaning over her again and taking it a bit slower. Sacha then suggested I lie down beside her so we changed over to spoons. This was much more relaxing for me and I continued to screw her this way and chat to her at the same time, asking her about her bi side. I then got her to play with her clit as I fucked her. We enjoyed some fantasy talk about other people joining us which spurred us on too.

The shagging stopped when my cock fell out of Sacha for the second time. She offered to play with it and told me to lie back and relax. Off came the condom, on went some more lube and Sacha gave me a lovely hand job. She leant alongside me, pushing her fit body against mine as she played with my cock. This also allowed her to rub her own tits with my cock, making everything nice and slippery. She gently caressed my balls, using her nails skillfully again. Sacha has a great touch, I can see why she's a popular girl at parties! We discussed where I was going to cum and she agreed I could do this over her lovely tits. After applying more lube and wanking me good and hard I soon exploded over them, the white spunk looking great against her brown skin. She smiled and squeezed the last drops out of me as I thanked her for a great time.