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UK Escort
UK Escort
Sophie of Milton Keynes
Date: Friday 18 August 2006 Time Spent: 1 hour. Place: Incall in nice modern apartment. Price: £120
Description: Well-educated, very friendly curvy lady with long dark hair and lovely blue eyes. Nice rack, pierced tongue and clit. Fully equipped Dom
UK Escort
UK EscortUK Escort
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NOTE: Sophie also has her own website. CLICK HERE to visit.
Having never done any Dom before John was keen to give it a go. This is what attracted him to Sophie who offers both GFE and Dom. The apartment where Sophie works was easy to find with plenty of parking outside. When John rang the bell he was pleasantly surprised to find Sophie opened the door. She looked stunning in a red negligee with matching fishnet hold-ups and high-heeled black shoes. She showed him into the big room, where they sorted out the money and a drink. They then sat on the bed chatting. Sophie asked John if hed been before and what he wanted to do. They agreed on GFE, some light tie & tease, and snowball to finish. The chat then turned to Sophies travels she has worked in Australia and Las Vegas.

Sophie helped John out of his clothes (except his boxer shorts which he kept on) and told him to lay face down on the bed. As she gave him a gentle massage they chatted some more. When she asked him to turn over she removed his shorts. Climbing on top of him, she snogged him. She asked John if he was a booby man and as he replied yes, she pulled down the top of her negligee to reveal a great rack. Sophie admits she has had a boob job, but you would not have guessed, as they still look very natural. She lent over and John used his mouth to get more intimately acquainted with them. Sophie then moved down Johns body and gave him OWO. He immediately noticed she has a pierced tongue!

UK EscortUK Escort
Sophie stood up beside the bed to remove her knickers, and show off her pierced clit hood. Telling John she loves oral, she climbed back on to the bed across his face so he had little choice but to eat her out. He did this for a short time then suggested 69. John enjoyed this, but as he had a raging hard on he suggested they move on to some shagging. While sorting out the rubber Sophie reminded John not to cum if he wanted to do the snowball they had talked about. Then she jumped on top of him and started off by squat fucking. This blew Johns mind away. After a while Sophie changed to a more comfortable position, but she carried on pumping away with gusto.

It was now time for John to do the hard work so they move into mish. As he entered her and started pumping away Sophie said Thats right give it a good fucking. Her tits looked great as they bounced around, and what a treat to be in-between those legs covered in red fishnet stockings. John suggested they try another position and they agreed on doggy. Sophie got on all fours and helped John in with his cock telling him make sure you give me a good fucking as thats what I like. John pumped away commenting on how tight her pussy felt. Then he asked Sophie if she did anal. She replied I do, but I dunno if I will be able to do it with you. She was up for trying though, and grabbed some lube. Unfortunately it wasnt going to happen, so John suggested he use a toy instead. Sophie agreed and left the room to get some toys.

When Sophie returned she told John they would try using her little vibrator and that he should fuck her some more in doggy before using the toy. He entered her again and fucked away. Then he picked up the toy and gently pushed it up her arse. Sophie asked if he could feel it vibrating on his cock and John said yes it was nice. He spent some time, moving the toy in and out while simultaneously fucking Sophie. Now she wanted to have a go with the toy so they switched position. John lay on the bed and Sophie climbed on top. She pumped away, then grabbed the toy and inserted it up her bottom. It was good to see her vigorously fucking herself up the arse as John banged his cock in and out of her pussy.
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It was Sophie who suggested they move on to the tie & tease. John was already lying on the bed, so he just had to move position slightly so that Sophie could handcuff him to the metal headboard. As he was being restrained John asked if he needed a safe word and Sophie said no, its not hard enough for you to have one. John said he now felt very vulnerable. Thats why its erotic Sophie replied. She started out by kissing him on the lips, then moved down to his nipples. Soon she was licking his balls, then his cock and then she gave him some more oral. All this attention seemed to be doing the trick as he was rock hard. She then dangled her tits in his face, and let him suck her nipples. The teasing now really get underway as Sophie straddled John and played with her own pussy within inches of his face. He so wanted to stroke and touch her pussy, but couldnt. Sophie grabbed some baby oil and lubbed up her nice baps. How would you like to get your cock in-between there? she asked before rubbing her tits all over his member. An oily hand wank and more OWO finished this part of the session off.

It was John who asked about the cross standing in the corner of the room. To Sophies surprise he said he would like to have a play on that. Ever willing to please Sophie agreed. So John found himself released from the handcuffs on the bed, only to be tied up again a few minutes later to a cross, with his back exposed to Sophie. She started off slowly, caressing and kissing his body, and giving his cock a tug. A little tickler was the first tool she used. Then she moved on to the flogger which definitely had more impact, as witnessed by the red marks on Johns body. The paddle was next designed to make things nice and red as Sophie put it. A cat of nine tails finished off the punishment, although Sophie only used it lightly with this beginner.

For the finale Sophie turned John around on the cross so he was now facing her. As soon as he was restrained again, she started kissing him and groping his prick. As it started to harden she dropped to her knees and gave him a blow job. He asked if he could cum and she confirmed he should do CIM. More sucking followed and soon he squirted his load into her mouth. She spat some of it back out over his cock, but then stood up and kissed him, passing what was left of his sperm into his own mouth. Judging from his response he was not to keen on the taste!

Sophie cleaned up, released John from the cross and then they sat on the bed talking again. John had found it all very. very erotic and wanted to know more about Sophies Dom services, so she talked about that for a short while before offering him a shower.

Very good punt from a classy lady who puts you at ease and aims to please.
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