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Saphire of Mansfield
Date: Monday 22 May 2006
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Outcall to hotel.
Price: £125
Description: Pretty 19-year old
with blonde hair and lovely big
blue eyes, small boobs, fit body.
{short description of image}
Uk EscortUk EscortUk Escort

On the punting forums you will sometimes see the question being asked Does anybody know of a lap-dancing club where you can get extras? I used to think the existence of this sort of establishment was an urban myth. But recently I was invited to the opening night of a new event in Sheffield called Douwannacum, which was billed as the ultimate stag show. The girls put on a bit of a show on the main stage and you could get private dances at the back. But the difference with this event was you could indeed get extras. Not only could you touch the girls while they were giving you a dance, there were also blow jobs on offer and if you wanted to go further you could actually fuck the girl. Needless to say the night was fantastic, concluding with a blue show on the main stage where one lucky guy got full penetration for free and another bloke was blown by two girls! I managed to live out one of my own fantasies of having a girl lap-dance for me and then fucking her there in the club. That girl was Saphire and I discovered during my time with her that she also does escorting. So naturally I offered to see her again away from the club for a private session, only this time Id film the experience.

Saphire only does outcalls currently, so I booked a hotel in Mansfield for our appointment. She arrived punctually dressed in denim mini skirt, white vest, white leather jacket, and short kinky white boots. Wow did she look stunning, and her big blue eyes were captivating. We sat on the sofa and reminisced about the night we met and how long she had been working in lap-dancing. Then it was time for her to change into her slinky outfit and give me a dance.

Saphire reappeared wearing a red pvc bikini underneath a see-through red micro-skirt and Perspex dancers shoes with six inch heels. Although we didnt have any music she still did a fantastic dance routine: wriggling her arse in front of me, then squatting right down in front of me and opening her legs wide for a full view of her red pvc thong. At one point she stood up on the sofa, towering above me and shimmying away. Her red bra came off first, releasing a small but cute pair of tits. She danced some more showing them off to me and I managed to cop a feel as they came by. The skirt quickly followed and next the pvc thong, exposing a smooth bare pussy. The dance continued so I got to see this fit young body writhing in front of me, tempting me in every way.

I asked Saphire if shed like to show me the extras she gave me that night. Yep, sure she replied reaching for her bag to grab a condom (all her services are covered). She undid my shirt, pulled down my trousers and pants. Although we had to fumble about putting the condom on together, I was so aroused by her dance that I was still good and hard by the time we were ready. And as soon as the rubber was in place Saphire popped my cock straight into her mouth. She sucked on the end and then glanced up to give me some eye contact. Then it was eyes back down for a prolonged period of nice oral. I told her to suck it hard so she increased the tempo and the depth. I asked her if shed ever tried deep throat and she said once, but it made her sick. So it was back to the hard sucking on the end. Mind you she was doing such a good job with that, I was already starting to worry about cumming, and suggested she lie back on the bed so I could swap and go down on her.

Saphires pussy is completely shaved and has a neat appearance. I gently pulled her lips apart and started licking up around her clit. She tasted good so I got the whole of my face in her pussy and licked up and down her lips. Her gentle moaning seemed to indicate she was enjoying my attentions. I noticed she also played with her own tits, feeling the shape and gently stroking over her nipples. I asked if I could finger her and she agreed. Her pussy juices were flowing nicely, but it still felt tight inside her hole. I carried on fingering and licking her, then asked if we could fuck like we did in the club that night. Oh yea she replied.

I noticed as Saphire got up and leant over the sofa with her legs wide apart, that she did not apply any lube. My oral attention must have worked! Her cute arse was pointing up in the air towards me so I quickly stripped, stood behind her and pushed my eager cock into her pussy. Wow does she feel tight! I instantly remembered from the first time Id had her how great it felt to be up inside her. I checked she was comfortable, then started increasing the tempo, thrusting my dick in and out of her cunt. She responded with little gasps. As I carried on fucking, I noticed she got really creamy. Fantastic stuff! We moved position slightly so Saphire was more comfortably on the sofa, then I carried on pumping away enjoying the delights of this hot 19-year olds body before me.
We had been doing it on the sofa a while now, so I proposed we made ourselves more comfortable on the bed. Saphire agreed and she decided to ride me for a bit. We discovered the bed was very bouncy! But Saphire did a good job, wriggling in the same style as her dance. This new position gave me the chance to feel her tits as we fucked. It was good fun squeezing them and sucking her nipples. At one point as she was gyrating on my cock and it was deep inside her she gasped Ow. Apparently it was too deep for her, so we were a little more careful after that. Saphire had been on top for quite a time, so now we switched positions and she lay down with her legs open. I climbed aboard and took her from above. We went from slow gentle shagging to more vigorous pumping and then back again. I could have fucked her all afternoon, but I didnt feel I could cum inside her so I asked if I could finish over her tits. This was no problem. So I knelt up beside Saphires head and pulled off the rubber. I explained how I liked my cock wanked hard on the end and she gave me a hand job. Before long I was cumming, spraying my seed over and around her left tit. It made a nice old mess and so Saphire went off to the bathroom to get cleaned up while I relaxed.