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Clare of Wigan
Date: Friday 9 March 2007 Time Spent: 1 hour. Place: Incall at her place. Price: £120
Description: 23 year old size 18 curvy BBW with friendly personality and natural 40dd tits.

In Wigan on business John decided to pay a visit to cum slut Clare who he found on a well-known listing site. Her place is easy to locate and John was greeted at the door by Clare wearing a nurses outfit (sans hat!) with white stockings and suspenders. She invited him into the living room and they sorted out the money and had a chat. Clare is a Wigan girl born and bred and she has been escorting for a year. She also works one day a week in a massage parlour in Wigan called Dreams.

The session started when Clare invited John upstairs to her bedroom. As they sat on the bed together she kissed him and undid his shirt. She offered him a massage. He accepted, undressed himself and lay face down on the bed. As Clare massaged him with oil they continued to chat. At first she just used her hands, but she soon unleashed her massive natural boobs and did a little body-to-body massage. When John turned over he gasped blimey as his eyes spotted them for the first time.

As she re-positioned herself in-between Johns legs, Clare told him her favourite thing was blow jobs. She started off by teasing his cock using her tongue to lick the shaft and head. Then using lots of spit to get it wet she sucked it hard on the end while using her hand on the rest of the shaft. John was in heaven! He had to ask her to take it easy and she suggested he play with her tits for a while.

Clare removed her nurses outfit so John could more easily access her pussy. While he stroked that she gave him a vigorous hand job. John told her to lie on the bed so he could go down on her. He started off by just pushing her knickers to one side so he could get stuck right in there. Clare said I love being fingered. John asked how many she could take and she replied as many as you like. He decided to remove her knickers for this next bit. Soon he had 3 fingers up her but it was not long before his whole hand was up there. Clare told John she squirts if fingered fast, so he concentrated on doing that. Soon the palm of his hand had a pool of her pussy juices in it lovely.

Do you want me to suck you while you do that? Clare asked. John readily agreed and repositioned himself so she could easily reach his knob. After more of Clares superb oral he was soon ready to fuck and she grabbed a condom and bagged his cock. As John was lying on his back at this point, Clare just hoped on board and rode him. During a pause in their activities Clare asked, What does it feel like? John replied Brilliant! They changed to doggy and as they re-positioned themselves she said fuck me hard from behind. John enjoyed slamming into her curvy arse as he pumped away. Soon he was spanking it as Claire said she this.
By now John was starting to tire and he told Clare to move into mish. As she re-arranged herself on the bed she offered to suck him for a bit. John agreed and she blew some life back into his worn out member before he entered her tight hole again. In this position John could see her big natural tits jiggling up and down before his eyes as they fucked. What a fantastic sight lovely jubley.

John asked Clare how she wanted him to cum. I want to suck you off and you spunk all over my face Clare replied. She removed the condom and instructed John to kneel beside her face. John played with her pussy while Clare concentrated on sucking him hard. This did the trick and soon he was squirting his jiz into her mouth. Only a bit landed on her face, but John didnt mind as Clare showed him the spunk, and then swallowed it all. Very intimate to see an escort swallow rather than spit!