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Viola of London
Date: Monday 19 February 2007 || Time Spent: 1 hour || Place: Outcall || Price: £250
Description: Attractive 22 year old bi-sexual Swedish chick with blue eyes, shoulder-length brunette hair and 34DD tits.

When Viola arrived at my hotel I ordered some food via room service and we ate as we chatted and got to know each other. I discovered she is originally from Gothenburg, which is the second largest city in Sweden. Viola has not been in England very long and has spent most of her time in Newcastle. Up there she escorted under the same name - Viola Von Vild - although wisely most people simply referred to her as "V". Having recently moved to London she prefers to do outcalls, although incalls can be arranged if you give her enough time to arrange a hotel room. She has also started to do adult films.

As I was discussing services with Viola I noticed she was hesitant when I mentioned kissing. She said she will kiss, but at her discretion and I got the impression she'd prefer not to. At the end of discussing this she said, "I just like to fuck". At this point I was unsure how to kick things off, so I asked if she usually gave clients a massage. She said no and then told me she wanted to go straight over to the bed.

We sat on the side of the bed and she undid my shirt. As I took it off she whipped off her dress to reveal a tanned body and black underwear. Instinctively I went for her breasts, gently rubbing them through her bra. She quickly removed this to reveal a fine pair of 34DD tits. I started licking and sucking her nipples but Viola had other ideas, quickly removing her knickers. I noticed metal down there (she also has tattoos) and discussed her piercing before going down on her. As I enjoyed exploring her pussy she undid my trousers, whipped my cock out and started giving me a nice hand job. I soon rose to the occasion!

I stood up to remove the rest of my clothes and when I returned to the bed she pulled my member towards her mouth. I happily knelt up in front of her face and enjoyed some nice OWO. These porn girls certainly know how to give good head. My only complaint is there was not much of it. She soon resorted to a hand job and then was reaching for lube by the side of the bed and squirting this on her pussy. A condom went on and before you knew it we were fucking in mish. During this Viola told me to "fuck my pussy" and I attempted to oblige, but I think she likes it harder and faster than I can supply. She did play with her clit while I pumped her - which I do like to see - and later on she also played with her tits.

By changing the position of my legs I managed to carry on fucking her in mish for a while. But as I tired I suggested we try doggy. She readily agreed. What I had not realised was she likes it hard and fast in this position as well and now she could bang hard against me. I nearly came right then and there. I think she sensed this and when my cock fell out, she whipped the condom off and started giving me a hand job. I soon dumped my load right over her. She was aiming for her tits, but the first squirt hit her under the chin and the rest splattered her chest. Nice messy end to the punt.

I did not quite click with Viola. Not sure if it's her approach, or whether I just had an off day. If you like PSE style escorting though you should get on with her fine.