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Uk Escort
Uk Escort
Jessica May of Brighton
Date: Thursday 3 August 2006
Time Spent: 1 hour.
Place: Outcall to city centre hotel. Price: £120
Description: Attractive, shy, slender 20-year
old Goth with long black hair, blue eyes,
pale skin, small boobs. Lower lip stud.
Uk Escort

There is very little information about Jessica May on her profile and she prefers clients to call her and discuss their requirements. Alex was the lucky punter this time and having seen the photos of Jessica he could not wait for her to turn up. She arrived on time wearing a black dress with her long black hair down loose. Alex got her a drink and they sat on the sofa to talk about Brighton and her escorting experiences.

Jessica is a qualified massage therapist so likes to start her sessions by giving clients a relaxing massage. Before this began she removed her black dress to reveal black and pink underwear and tan hold-ups. Alex was already on the bed lying ready on his front as Jessica poured some oil on her hands and climbed up beside him. As she rubbed her smooth white hands over his body they carried on chatting. Soon it was time to turn over so Jessica could massage Alexs chest.

After applying more oil and working on his chest for a bit Jessica soon moved on to the real action. While one hand continued to rub Alexs chest the other clamped around his stiffening cock and started to give it a tug. Thats nice, said Alex, so Jessica continued the hand job. The oil on her hands must have been helping with the sensation as Alexs cock was soon rock hard. To distract himself he started stroking Jessicas upper body, paying particular attention to her bust. He extricated one breast and started kissing it, but then asked Jessica to take her bra off so he could get easier access to her neat little tits. Although Jessicas boobs are small, they are very nicely shaped with pretty, kissable nipples. Alex played with them happily, snogged Jessica on the lips and then suggested that he go down on her. They swapped places and as Jessica lay on the bed spread out before him Alex admired her tits again, kissing and fondling them some more. He pulled down her g-string to find a partially shaved pussy. Kissing and licking around her clit he declared it was sweet. Soon he was using a finger as well to thoroughly explore her hot haven.


Jessica suggested she get a condom. Once this was in place, she gave Alex a quick shuffle with her hand to refresh his erection, then popped his cock into her mouth (oral is always with condom). She sucked for a while, but disappointingly her technique did not appear that great. There wasnt enough variation and she didnt seem to have any interest in teasing a guy. Ive noticed this so often seems to be the case with these younger girls who perhaps think they are doing you a big favour just letting you put your cock in their mouth and that should be enough for you to get your rocks off!

It was Alex who moved the action on now, telling Jessica he was ready to be inside her. She grabbed some lube and applied it to his covered knob, before he entered her in missionary. Alex steadily pumped away and Jessica lay there passively taking it. Sadly she did not interact with him in any way no touching or stroking and she was as quiet as a mouse. He tried to joke with her to lighten the mood, and she did respond to his kisses, but she didnt appear to be into the fucking.

They changed position, moving into doggy. After getting going Alex asked Jessica if he could spank her bottom. Just a little bit she replied. He spanked her lightly a couple of times but it was hard to tell if she liked this or not. The pair of them carried on shagging from behind until Alex got tired and needed to lie down, so they collapsed on the bed together.
The action resumed next with Jessica riding Alex on top. At first she faced him clamping her pussy tight round his dick and steadily moving up and down. To distract himself from the wonderful sensation Alex paid some more attention to her tits, kissing and licking her nipples. Jessica offered to turn around and Alex liked this idea so she mounted him again facing away and rode his cock. Now he could see her cute arse more easily and what with that and her tight pussy round his dick too, it was all too much. He told Jessica he was going to cum very soon, but wanted to do so over her face.

Obligingly she jumped off, Alex removed the condom and she started giving him a hand job. He got her to re-position herself, so she was lying on the bed and he was kneeling beside her face, then she continued the hand job. It wasnt long before he was squirting his man-juice all over her. Some landed on her chin and hair, but most went on her neck, so it was more of a pearl necklace in the end. Still Alex wasnt complaining, as its always nice to drop your load over a pretty young thing, wherever it goes.

Theres always the possibility Alex just caught Jessica on a bad day, but unfortunately she came across as merely going through the motions, rather than feeling any duty to give an enthusiastic service.