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Donna of Nottingham
Date: Monday 26 July 2004 Time Spent: 2 hours. Place: Outcall to my hotel. Price: £350.
Description: Attractive 22 year-old, 5'4", with dark hair, striking green eyes, tanned body and 32EE boobs.

On the various punting forums you might see discussions about an escort delivering PSE, which means a raunchy Porn Star Experience, as opposed to GFE which is an intimate Girlfriend Experience. One way of guaranteeing you receive PSE is to book an Adult performer who also happens to escort! In some circles this is considered one of the ultimate punting experiences - getting to fuck your favourite porn star. So when I saw Donna Marie added to the listings on Puntingzone I made a mental note to try and see her. That was the easy part, arranging a session with her was not so easy. Donna is a very busy young lady and her porn work comes before escorting, so you have to be able to convince her you are worthy (it helps if you know her films!), and then you have to be able to find a time when she is free to see you. After several attempts I finally managed to pin her down. Boy was I excited.

Donna arrived at my hotel bang on time, dressed in a short denim dress zipped up the front showing off her marvellous cleavage, and kinky white boots. Wow did she look hot, and I felt a bit nervous about whether I could handle this horny chick that I'd seen do so many rude things on film. We had a drink and chatted about her career in Adult films. I asked her what it's like to be on a porn set; what's the difference between the USA & UK porn business; what's been her hardest scene; etc. Fascinating stuff!


By the time we moved to sit on the bed I was feeling more confident so I asked Donna about her recent boob-job. I asked what size they are now and she replied, "Well instead of asking why don't you just take a look!" I jumped in and unzipped the front of her dress, revealing a light blue lacey bra holding her massive tits. While I fondled them, Donna told me she had some big, fat nipples as well, so I took her tits out of the bra. Soon I was suckling on one nipple while she was sucking the other! Donna has prominent nipples, which stick out nicely.

Next Donna started paying my cock some attention. I stood up to take my shirt off and she dropped to her knees and undid my trousers. Before long I was looking down on Donna Marie sucking my dick like she had sucked all those guys on screen. What's more her boobs were literally spilling out of her dress&what a great sight. Donna sucks cock with real enthusiasm. At times she pulls away and spits on it, but her real party trick is deep-throat. She took all of my prick right in and gagged on it as the end slid down her throat. It's an amazing sensation and a rather noisy experience.

At my suggestion Donna lay on the bed so I could investigate her pussy more closely. I pulled off her knickers to reveal those fine pussy lips, which I had seen so often in her films. She encouraged me to spit on it and then shove my fingers up her. I started off with one finger, but by the end I virtually had my whole hand up her cunt! These porn girls are something else. Donna said it was about time she had some cock, so she sucked me again and I put on a condom while she stripped off her dress.
We started off fucking in mish. It felt so good sticking my dick into Donna Marie's pussy. She is not a quiet girl and talks dirty while on the job. I found this great, but I could imagine some guys might be put off. I guess porn girls are used to being vocal at all times. It was Donna who suggested we change position by saying "Why don't you lay back and let me show you how I fuck cock?" I did as she said and Donna mounted me. Once again she was full-on with her fucking, bouncing up and down with great energy and changing positions to give me different sensations. We finished off the shagging with some doggy, during which Donna continued the dirty talk saying, "shove every inch of your cock up me" and "let me feel your bollocks slamming against my clit". Great stuff!

To finish off I suggested Donna wank me off over her lovely new tits. She readily agreed, and so I got to see the great Donna Marie making my rod hard again, spitting on it, sucking it, pulling it hard and talking filthy to me. Eventually I came and she had me so aroused the first squirt flew up and landed on her face. This caught her by surprise, and she instantly called me "a dirty fucker", but luckily she managed to spray the remaining cum over those massive boobs. She finished off by slapping my wet cock against them and licking her lips.

The porn star experience was certainly full-on with Donna Marie but I'd say it's not for the faint-hearted. If you like a girl who is confident being downright rude and can easily express that then this PSE is for you.

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