UK Escort
UK Escort
Michelle of Aylesbury
Date: Wednesday 12 April 2006 Time Spent: 1 hour Place: Outcall. Price: £160
Description: Shy quiet 21-year old girl next door type with shoulder-length blonde hair and fair skin.
UK EscortUK Escort

Michelle arrived at my hotel room dressed casually in jeans, t-shirt, a pink hoody and a leather jacket. I took her jacket, sorted out drinks and her fee, then we sat and chatted on the sofa; she seemed rather nervous. I noticed she had absolutely no make-up on, which is unusual for a working girl, but she said her clients didnt expect it. She goes more for the fresh look. Michelle is new to escorting and has only recently moved to Aylesbury. She is bisexual and apparently can escort with another girl, Cindy from Milton Keynes.

Michelle went off to the bathroom to change into some sexier clothes for our date. She reappeared wearing a short black skirt and black hold-ups with a colourful top. I got her to give me a twirl so I could see her better. To try and make her feel more at ease I gave her lots of compliments then moved in to start kissing her, but she only wanted to give me little pecks on the lips. During the booking process I had checked she did offer kissing. So for a minute I broke away and felt her arse instead. Tried kissing again, but it was still just tight pecks, and that was not really doing it for me. Pity she would not open her mouth fully or use any tongue. I felt her breasts through her top and noticed she was not wearing a bra - she told me she does not bother with them. Her tits felt good and firm. Lifted up her skirt to find some nice sheer black undies edged with lace, which Michelle told me had come from Ann Summers. Returned to the kissing and tried to slip her some tongue, but she wasnt having it. So instead I decided to unleash those great tits by pulling up her top. They did look good and inviting so after some gentle fondling I decided to get to work on her nipples, licking and then sucking them. She didnt mind this, but there was no positive reaction either.

UK EscortUK Escort
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To move things along I suggested that Michelle show me how she plays with herself. She sat back down on the sofa and slowly squeezed her own boobs. While she was paying attention to those I decided to explore her nether regions. So lifting up her skirt and pulling her knickers to one side I discovered a totally shaven pussy. I gently stroked this and then went down on her. She was very quiet throughout my attention, which was a bit off-putting. I asked Michelle if I could finger her and she agreed. I found her cunt was already nice and wet, so my work had not been in vain! Also rather tight I noticed, so I knew Id enjoy fucking her.

We then moved through to the bedroom and undressed ourselves down to underwear. I told Michelle to leave her panties and holdups on for the moment as we lay together cuddling on the bed. I tried the kissing thing again and felt her tits at the same time. Unfortunately Michelle just lay there, not reciprocating. In the end I grabbed her hand, pulled it to the outside of my pants and told her to feel me. She did start rubbing my cock now thank God. Dont know how she expected me to get a hard-on without touching me? I had to move things forward for her again, by getting my dick out of my pants and she started giving me a slow, gentle hand job. I was starting to think she was either terminally shy or perhaps inhibited because a camera was present. Either way it wasnt working for me. I suggested we do 69 hoping this would take her mind off things. I helped Michelle off with her panties and she climbed on top of me. I went to work licking her out, but again she was very quiet, so it was hard to tell if I was doing OK or not. Im afraid to report Michelles blow job technique was not brilliant. Too soft and gentle with no hard sucking.
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I moved things on by telling Michelle I wanted to be inside her. She got a condom and I put it on myself while she applied some lube to her pussy. We discussed favourite positions and she said hers was on top so we started off like that. It felt good entering her for the first time and she seemed to be more comfortable with the fucking, moving up and down on my knob well. Soon we were both getting well into it and I was enjoying the punt much more now. We changed to doggy and Michelle became more vocal in this position. I noticed her pussy juices were now nice and creamy on my shaft. We fucked like this for a while, but as time went on, Michelle did get quieter again. I needed to lie down now, so I suggested spoons. We tried this for a bit, but werent really able to make it work, so we changed again, this time to missionary. This was more satisfactory and I enjoyed pumping away for a few minutes more. In fact I nearly came inside her at this point, but just managed to stop myself. I told her this and said I really wanted to finish with CIM. Luckily Michelle readily agreed to this so I got her to kneel on the floor in front of me to finish me off. She grabbed a pillow for her knees and I asked her if she swallowed. She said yes but only if it tastes sweet. I was not sure how to respond to that so replied No guarantees but lets hope, eh?

Michelle started off with a blow job, but I knew her technique wasnt good enough to bring me off that way, so I got her to switch to a hand job. After having to show her how I liked this done, I was eventually gratified by the sight of my cum squirting straight into her 21-year old mouth. Fantastic. She gaped to show me my hot spunk in the bottom of her gob, then swallowed it all, and showed me it had all gone. I asked her if it tasted OK then? She replied It tastes all right, not salty. Well thank goodness for that, I thought!

Not sure if it was the camera, the fact she is quite new to escorting, or that she is just a timid person, but I didnt really click with Michelle. Regardless of age, some girls are just naturals while some have a lot to learn.

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